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Marina Sousa is the owner of Just Cake located in Capitola, California.

My Biggest Cheerleader. Revisited.

As I have been going through the process of redesigning my website my designer has asked me a few times where on the new website I wanted to place what she referred to as “the tribute to my mom”. A week or two after my mom passed away I posted her obituary for out of town family & friends to see. There was a button on my homepage labeled “My Biggest Cheerleader”, which she undoubtedly was.

Apparently that page has been one of the most visited over the years.

I’ve decided to place it here as my first post and as I plunge into a new phase of my business. It seems fitting in some way, knowing gratefully, she will always be a part of me, and everything I do.

My Biggest Cheerleader

November 2009:

My Mom.

As we near the date that will make an entire year without her I’m overwhelmed with bittersweet emotions. This has been the most difficult year of my life but yet in the midst of the pain there have been some extraordinary moments that have brought such joy. Those moments are tempered with the fact that she isn’t here to share them. Just months after my Moms death my sister welcomed a new member of our family, Nora Rose. My Mom would have adored her and being a grandmother! Most recently it was the invitation to be on Oprah that has made me miss her most. She was somehow always convinced that I would someday be on the show. She’d regularly start sentences with “when you’re on Oprah…”, so inspite of the impossible timeline presented to me I couldn’t help but agree. She would have simply been beside herself! It was truly an extraordinary experience in every way. Just moments before I stepped out on the stage a spotlight slowly brightened overhead and literally filled me with such warmth… I’m certain it was her beaming down from the best seat in the house. She will forever remain my biggest cheerleader.

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